What is a WISP?

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What is fixed wireless?

Fixed Wireless Internet provides High-Speed Internet access to a single location through radio waves. This eliminates the need for phone, or cable lines. Fixed Wireless requires a dish, or antenna. It will provide high speed Internet connection and isn’t affected by poor weather conditions

Fixed Wireless Internet is a Line of sight service. Our technician will ensure that you’re within range and that you have a clear line of sight that is not obstructed by trees, buildings, or hills. If service is available at your location the Technician will proceed with the installation. If service is not available, no install will be done and you will not be charged an installation fee.

A radio antenna (dish) will need to be installed to the outside of your home or office.
Our technician will select a dish antenna that will work best for your location. The dish is generally smaller in size than a typical satellite tv dish.
Mounting options vary by building type and location. The technician will inform you of the best location for the dish to be mounted, and what type of mount will be needed.

A Ethernet cable will be run from the Radio antenna outside to the an entry point into your home.
The illustration above is an example of how an installation may look inside your home or business. Each installation varies depending on your situation. The technician performing your site survey can help explain how your ideal setup may look like.

How It Works

A small antenna with an attached radio receiver/transmitter is installed on your home or business. This antenna is pointed at one of our nearby Internet Towers. When you send and receive information over the Internet, it goes over the secure wireless link from the radio/antenna to our tower. From there that information travels to our fiber-optic connection. From there the information travels out onto the Internet.