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Experience out of this world internet speeds

with our latest internet plans – Blast Lite, BLAST & GIGABLAST. Now available in select areas. Perfect for demanding users, these plans guarantee exceptional performance and extensive device compatibility. Elevate your online experience today!
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available Blast Plans

  • Blast Lite*
    Ideal for tech-savvy users and households with high demand for ultra-fast internet speeds.
    / month
    Download speeds up to 100Mbps
    Upload speeds up to 50Mbps
    Unlimited data
    Cutting-edge internet speeds for ultra-HD streaming, competitive online gaming, and large file transfers.
    Superior technology
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  • Blast
    Perfect for smart homes, professionals working from home, and households needing the highest performance internet.
    / month
    Download speeds up to 400Mbps
    Upload speeds up to 75Mbps
    Unlimited data
    Suitable for connecting up to 15 devices simultaneously.
    Ultimate internet speeds for seamless 8K streaming, multiple simultaneous video conferences, and smart home integrations.
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  • Gigablast
    Best for smart homes, professionals, and households requiring the highest performance internet.
    / month
    Download speeds up to 940Mbps
    Upload speeds up to 250Mbps
    Unlimited data
    Suitable for connecting up to 20 devices simultaneously.
    Blazing speeds for 8K streaming, professional-grade video conferencing, and extensive smart home integrations.
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*For all new Blast and Gigawave accounts there is a one-time install & setup fee of $250 due at the time of sign-up. A managed monthly router plan is also required. Coverage not available everywhere. Line of sight required to our towers. For more information about the managed router plan, please click here. Automatic monthly billing via credit card is required at time of sign-up. By signing up for and using our service you agree to the terms of service and acceptable use policies. Some speeds aren’t available in all areas. Static IP addresses are available upon request at $15 per month.